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About WordSnake

Rudhen-Electronics proudly presents WordSnake, the best word game since Scrabble with multiplayer and solo/machine play.

WordSnake Game

WordSnake is about placing words on the game board that start with the same letter as the previous word ended. By placing one word after the other, a snake of words arises. Unlike other games, WordSnake also has a Solo mode and Snake mode. In Solo mode, you play against yourself at your own pace. In Snake mode, The Snake will be your opponent. We have easy snakes and true word-wizzard snakes at your service. Of course, we also support network games against random opponents or against a friend you invite ourself.


Words can be placed from the head of the snake onwards, in all four directions: left-right, top-down, right-left and bottom-up. Letter placement is by drag and drop from the pile below the board. You can undo the placement by pressing the Cancel ("X") button. All letters of the alphabet are available at the beginning of the game, but the letter pile is not endless. Some letters are manyfold, and some are only a few. At the start, WordSnake places the first (random) head-letter in the middle of the board.

Examples of bad placements

Fault-1: "Fault". Letters must be adjacent.

Fault-2: "Fault". Letters must be in one straight line.

Fault-3: "Santa". A word must start with the bright-yellow head-letter ("N").

Examples of correct placements

Good-1: "Good". Placement in any of the four directions (e.g. upward).

Good-2: "Fruit". A crossing gives even higher scores.

Good-3: "Tender". You can go back over the previous word. The last letter of the word must always be a newly placed one.


Each letter has a certain value which influence the score you get for a word. Extra points can be scored when letters are placed on bonus tiles. DL, TL, DW and TW stand for double(2x)/triple(3x) letter/word value. A word-crossing also leads to extra points. A high-scores list is kept to that you can always return to your greatest victories.


If the player cannot form a word from the (remaining) letters of the pile, he can decide to pass. In Solo mode and Snake mode this means that the Snake will try to place a word. When both players have passed, you get the choice to end the game with the score at that moment.


When playing against an individual over the network, the communicatie is based on - what we call - Instant Notification. With this mechanism you get an instant response when the opponent makes a move. It is the same mechanism as used for e-mail. On average this mechanism works perfect, but sometimes it may still take some time before the move arrives. This is a known problem in the system but lies beyond our reach. We ask for you understanding.


The game ends when both players pass, one of the players resigns, or the player whose turn it is does not react within 48 hours. This will also be seen as resign. The player with the highest score is the winner.

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Judge for yourself and also become a satisfied WordSnake user.

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